Welcome to Waverly Jr. Warriors Football!


Due to league-wide referee concerns, the following policy must be implemented immediately:
No one is allowed to speak to any referee except for the head coach. No parents, players, family, chains/downs volunteers or fans are to speak to referees. Speaking to a referee is defined as speaking directly to them, or speaking about them within earshot; also no yelling about what any referee is doing or booing the referees. The referees are only allowed to speak to the head coach of the team. In addition, the only people allowed inside the sideline box are the coaches, players, and Parent Liaisons.  
If any community is not able to follow these rules, then we run the risk of not being able to play. All in all, this is for our kids, they want to play. So, we have to be careful and follow the rules that have been set. Speaking to a referee or yelling at the referees will never change the outcome of a call or the score of a game. We already know this, so there is no point in doing any of these things since nothing will change the outcome. It would be awful if the boys weren't able to finish out this season...and bottom line, this is for them.
Unfortunately, regardless of how we feel, it is not up to us to relay our feelings to any referee. These concerns should be addressed to your coach after the game has been played.



 Games for the Weekend of October 1st:


Saturday, October 1st:


4th Grade Waverly vs Grand Ledge 2 @ Waverly at 9:00 am (Home)

5th Grade Waverly vs Grand Ledge 1 @ Waverly at 10:45 am (Home)

6th Grade Waverly vs Grand Ledge 1 @ Waverly at 12:30 pm (Home)

7th Grade Waverly vs Holt 1 @ Waverly at 2:15 pm (Home)


Sunday, October 2nd:


8th Grade Waverly vs Holt @ Holt at 3:30 pm (Away)


Good luck Warriors!!!!



               "SATURDAY NIGHT UNDER the LIGHTS"


Waverly Jr Warriors Football is EXCITED to announce the last game for the 8th grade team will be played "Under the Lights" on October 22nd! This means the start time is 7:30 p.m. and the game will be played at Waverly high school! This is exciting because it gives the players a "taste" of what it will be like when they get to high school! We really want to fill our home stands with as many people as possible! Please plan to attend this game and be sure to invite as many friends and family as possible! There is NO charge for entry and NO charge for parking. Concessions will be open for business so come hungry and be ready to cheer for our 8th grade team! This is a HUGE opportunity to bring our Waverly/Delta Township community together!


   Players should wear ALL protective gear for their practices.  If you have any questions regarding your players football gear, please talk to your coaches as soon as possible for their safety.


We are also asking that players do not eat a heavy dinner and only eat a light snack prior to practice.  

The mission of WAVERLY JUNIOR WARRIORS FOOTBALL is to provide and establish a wholesome youth tackle football program that promotes sportsmanship and fair play; where all players get a chance to play each game. Emphasis is on teaching character, athletic and social skills, sportsmanship and a healthy attitude. Coaches teach and lead by example.  


The WJWF Youth program is open to 4th - 8th grade students who attend the Waverly Community School District.  Our program is part of the Capital Area Youth Football League.     


Go Warriors!!